Perlin Noise

Perlin noise is often seen as a technique that can be used to produce computer generated forms that more closely resemble natural phenomenon. However, creating a loop can be tricky because of its random behavior. Etienne Jacob shows us how to work with the noise function in Processing to animate sketches and create perfect loops, along with some great code examples. His particularly eye opening trick to make loops with noise can be seen here.

// From Necessary Disorder
float t = 1.0*frameCount/numFrames;

By dividing the time by the frameCount and number of frames and using that to create the phase for the noise allows us to loop back in the same way we would create circular motion.

To see the full post and find out about other useful techniques, visit Necessary Disorder





Matthew Ortega

Matthew Ortega is an artist, designer and musician working at the intersection of art and technology.

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